Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Worm aloft

 This was a totally unplanned drawing. I just sat down infront of a blank piece of paper and drew a big zig-zaggy line and let my subconscious come up with the rest. It turned out to be good picture of my life these days. Not knowing how it is going to turn out, or what is going to happen the next day, or where I will end up. But I have found it is critical to operate from a standpoint of believing it will work out. I mean you have to choose your mindset. I can spend energy living from gloom and doom, or from hope and faith. I believe you go where your looking, so if I am looking for the worst, for what is just settling for survival, that is what I will get.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

I hate Zombies!!

I took a couple hours and made a new user icon.
In order to get the proportions right, I put on the gas mask myself. First time I ever wore one. More comfortable than I expected. And it was snug.
I did the art in Corel Draw, line by line, striving to give it the etched look.
When I did the original pictures, I relied on subtle facial expression to convey my adversarial feelings, but it wasn't enough, so I added my fist - which does the trick, don't ya think?

Thursday, August 4, 2011


The last 2 weeks have been very distracting art-wise.
Intense days sitting infront of the computer, hunting, hunting, hunting!
Where is my next source of food coming from?
The neighborhood decided they'd rather hire a better Zombie Hunter.
One who can kill food quicker and without any input from them. A mind
reader. I am a lousy mind reader. I didn't get that particular ZAP from the radiation. I think they were enamoured for someone with bigger muscles, probably cheaper too. In the end they wanted me to just KNOW what they wanted me to hunt without any direction from them.
But, I  know there are people who will appreciate the skills I really do have. Just gotta keep hunting, hunting, hunting!