About Me

Hello, My name is Stuart and I write and draw Smithee Zombie Hunter.
I come from a background of being in the production art industry for about 13 years until I switched careers to I.T. In 2009 I started teaching myself how to do etchings, and in 2010 my New Years Resolution was to create a small comic book I could print thru etchings. I created the world of Smithee and it is a concept far too big to be just a small hand-printed comic. Instead, I started out with a Zine to introduce Smithee to the world which I sell on Etsy.
Now I realize Smithee will make an entertaining and interesting webcomic as well. Smithee's world has vast potential for storys and survival skills the reader can use. And I will still sell printed versions.
My style is derived from the old style etchings and engravings of the late 1800's. It always fascinated me and that is why I started etching in the first place.
When I decided to enter into the world of comics in 2010, I was very new to that world since the last time I read a comic book was in the 70's when I found a 5$ bill in the streets of New York and bought a Donald Duck Christmas story comic. I didn't know how comic books work and didn't like how a single issue wasn't a complete story, and didn't buy any more (besides an occasional Mad Magazine) till 2010. I have learned alot since 2010 and have way more 'study material' than I ever anticipated. I particularly like Kirby now. Something about the simplicity and elegance of the simple color palette of the old comics intrigues me.
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