Saturday, January 28, 2012

Line drawing practise

These are some line drawings I did for fun.
In Smithee news, I'm still drawing away panels for Smithee#2. My buddy Garvin Lee is moving this weekend, so  I didn't designate the usual most of the day to draw comics. But he has distractions to take care of and while I wait for when he is ready to actually MOVE, I am killing time by doing some posting.  He lent a crucial hand to me when I moved to this place a couple years ago. I moved out of my old place because it was getting really ghetto, and I had been thru a Dave Ramsey financial peace university course at church an one night I decided I HAD to do something about my life to move forward. Moving to a cheaper place was the goal I arrived at. I got a cheaper place, but old bad habits die hard and I didn't put the extra money away.
I had an unbelievable amount to stuff to move. I was quite embarrassed by how much I had since I had folks helping. Garvin was a hero and helped me thru that ordeal. So, now it is my turn to help him.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Pencil Warrior from the past

This is a pencil drawing I did way back in the 80's. The past has been on my mind. Doing diary comics has cracked open the door to what was. I'm realizing my weird past makes for some great story material. But I am not fond of looking at the past. So much of it brings up alot of emotion. Way back in the 80's I briefly ran my own T-shirt printing business, knowing nothing at all about silk-screening. I began by using stencils cut out from plastic and a piece of sheer curtain material over it. Eventually I moved to screens painted by hand using projections of images from magazines about .25" tall. It was a short-lived en devour, not netting much money, but it was fun to pursue a dream. I eventually wanted to print this design, but stopped doing it before I got that far. Back then, art wasn't a very big part of my life, not like it is now.
Along these lines, I have started a story arc in Plutonium about how I ended up being a computer jockey.
I also started an account with Comicsdomination in order to post plutoniums.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Milk Carton Scratchboard

I have been intrigued by high contrast art for awhile. I've tried printing white etching on black, but the white is never really "white". I even bought some supposedly more opaque white Akua Kolor ink and tried it. It wasn't anymore opaque than their regular white. Geez!
So when I bought a children's book with scratch board art, my cleverness kicked in and I wondered how I could try it without buying anything. So, I took an empty soy milk carton and cut out one of the sides and coated it with sharpie and made my own scratchboard. This is my second scratch board. The milk carton material allows the black to be rubbed/scratched off easily, making tones quite possible.

Smithee number two updates

Here is one of the cells I did with my digital pen directly in the computer. However, my elbow was starting to complain, and now I'm drawing them directly on paper while capturing in on the device to upload. It is turning out to be faster that way, and more fluid. I can do 2-3 cells a day. I might have a roughly 110 cells to do total. So speed and efficiency are supreme.I have 12 cells done so far. Because of the huge amount of work ahead of me, I'm pretty sure I'll stick to B&W.
This cell is about where I'm going into the 'Cold Room' where Billy is sneaking another one of my home-made sodas. In the 'Cold Room' is a chain-link cage we made to keep food safe incase of attack, or have a refuge for ourselves in that event. It is A 'Cold Room' in that is isn't heated, and is vented to the cold air outside for refrigeration purposes.

Ku-pen Drawing of Zombie

This is one of the first drawings I did with my digital pen in order to see what it can do. As you can see, it looks just like a regular pen drawing.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Smithee number two updates

I was at a thrift store yesterday and happened upon a book called "pride and prejudice and zombies". In it were some very nice old style pen and ink illustrations. I have been trying to decide upon the exact style to do my Smithee #2 in. I think I would like to go for the pen and ink style. I did the above picture in that style to get used to it. Are we badass zombie hunters or what?! Doing it in B&W style like this would also make it possible to get them printed thru KaBlam cheaper than if they were color - should I want to go that extreme route. For right now I still want to print them myself. But I questimate there will be around 50 cells or more to cram into a book. That's alot more than Smithee #1.
I went back and bought that book for inspiration.

Fly on a pencil

I just wanted to draw something fun on my birthday this month. Hence, the fly saying happy birthday. It's not cause he was leaving a 'present' on the eraser. Been doing some much serious drawing for my smithee guide and for plutonium, I needed to do something different.