Story and Characters

A quirky man who can't remember his real identity, but can sense a Zombies and knows what will kill them. He has a certain phobia and distrust of electronics. But like they say, watch out for the quiet ones!

Billy Bonez
An former bounty hunter and mercenary with a mysterious background and love for killing. He had a weakness for soft drinks and a bad temper in contrast to Smithee's quiet demeanor.

 A stray dog who's main purpose is to provide commentary at the right moment.

Together Smithee and Billy hunt Zombies in a world where zombies don't necessarily look decrepit and decayed like most movies. The Zombies can look perfectly normal if they haven't been recently damaged - since they are designed to be able to repair and maintain themselves with the aid of Zanites. 
Behind the scenes is an evil scientist who created the Zanites to repair his own damaged body, but of course it didn't work out as well as he wanted, and now uses the Zanites to enslave unsuspecting citizens to accomplish his main goal - destroy or capture Smithee!