Wednesday, June 6, 2012

busy hand

I have recently take on the tremendous undertaking of writing a 6 page comic script for an ACC anthology and it is consuming ALOT of my time. And Smithee is at the point where I don't have pre-drawn panels to assemble any more. So I have to draw 4 new panels for this week ontop of doing the script! Rather than make you wait another week for Smithee, I thought I would satiate your need for line drawings with a practice piece I did a couple weeks ago.
I tell ya, it is a real steep learning curve going from being used to movie script writing to comic book script writing. It's a different format, and a different way of thinking. You have a limited amount of frames to pack a lot of information and emotion into. Also, learning about how to tell a good story by studying up on script writing is benefiting me in terms of knowing what makes a comic have substance and meaning.
I took on a monster when I took on doing a script like this, and that monster is very time-hungry. But I believe it will be a very meaningful monster when at last it's various body parts are sew together into a living thing.

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