Saturday, February 18, 2012

Ware-Wolf Introduction

Welcome to the online preview for my in-progress Smithee Survival Guide #2. The survival skill that is taught in this guide is how to spin your own yarn from dog fur. The plot revolves around Billy's harrowing encounter with a very hairy dude who sells mittens, and turns ware-wolf and attacks him when the sale goes awry.
I redesigned this site to be in the format of the standard webcomic site with a cleaner interface. I find enough people come to my blog that I thought I would make it more about the Smithee story line than my art musings, which will now go into my Plutonium Casserole blog. The old posts will still be here, but now I am focusing more on Smithee. Plus, since I'm doing all this work on Smithee #2, I wanted to share what I'm drawing with you.
I drew several  ware-wolfsbeore arriving at this one this ware-wolf in pencil. And by the way, I spell it ware-wolf on purpose. My ware-wolfs aren't biological creations, but technological. And what better way to talk about fur and yarn spinning while providing some danger and drama?

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