Saturday, February 11, 2012

Blog re-design

I hope you like the cleaner re-design of my blog. I'm gearing up to devote this blog more towards the Smithee story's and putting up the first chapter of the Ware-wolf story here (updated weekly) as a teaser to the printed book. I now have links across the top to access other information that was cluttering up the main page.
The more personal stuff about me will go into the Plutonium Casserole blog - which is what it is there for.
The re-design was prompted after reading another Zombie themed webcomic and realizing what potential there is for Smithee as a webcomic.
I think the smaller top banner is less gaudy and the color theme more dark like a blog/comic about a dark world should be. Plus, it is a great chance to refine by blog design skills.
Enjoy and Survive!

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