Saturday, May 5, 2012

ROWRR! Ware-Wolf Attacks

'Ware-Wolf attacks! ( in full color) I wanted this to be abstract and vague since it is based on Billy's recollection of what happened. I did this in pastel. It was a blast to be so expressive and loose.
Free Comic Day today! Last year I blew over 100$, this year only about $30. I passed up alot I wouldn't have last year. A year's collecting experience will do that. The thing I spent the most on was Death Of Spiderman issues. Also scored a few MacFarland spidey's. Also passed out a few of my Smithee Business cards and talked to some artists. I walked up to the table at Alternate Reality and asked if they were all local artists,( they said yes, except for Rick Tucker who said he used to be from Vegas), then I said "so am I!" Then I introduced myself and gave them my card. Check out my Facebook Page for more.

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