Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Graduation Day!

I have some great news folks, Big Bad Mitten Man #1 is now in print! Check it out here.
I have also purchased Smithee his very own home at and will doing
my posting from there from now on. I'm brand new to this whole professional comic site thing and it is still in process, so it will probably be changing as I go along, but I wanted you all to know what is going on.
My books will be for sale at the Comic Artist Collective booth at Comikazi-Con in San Diego Sept. 15-16th at booths 317,416,417,517(couldn't tell you which one will have mine). Also, I hope to have them at the upcoming Las Vegas Comic Expo Sept 29,30th. I will also have my very booth at the Vegas Valley Comic Book Festival Nov 3rd! That's right, my very own booth! My, how things have progressed over the last 8 months.
So, from now on, please stop by my website for the latest. I plan on starting the second half of the Mitten Man story very soon. I want to make sure the story is up to snuff before I start drawing it.
Thanks for reading!!

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