Saturday, June 25, 2011

Ka-Zar Art Challenge

I was reading an old Ka-Zar and got inspired! Having been in graphic arts back when they still did camera shots, I am intrigued by the simple use of half-tones (a bunch of little dots that make up a tone in the old comics) and the mechanical means by which they produced these books of art on cheap paper for only 25 cents. And I have wanted to do my own mechanically printed art just like the old comics. So, I am challenging myself with this panel to recreate, dots and all, using only itaglio etching on plastic plates. The only use of the computer being printing the picture out to use as reference. All the rest being done mechanically by hand. Yes, that's alot of dots, but I have practicing and want to put it to use in a project. So, time to get out my etching needle and start scratching! Should I actually complete this self-dare, I'll post a print.

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