Sunday, June 26, 2011

Zine From Sam Spina

Sam was cool enough to do a trade with me and he sent me this one. " The Burning". It is mini-comic size with a full color laser printed cover which gives it class.
The book is flip book about two friends different recollections of the same indecent when they were kids.
" A potential arson case" as Sam puts it. I won't spoil it for you. Jon uses ink wash backgrounds, and Sam uses the same style as in his blog.
It gives a little background on their growing up the neighborhood they lived in. Jon recollects how in kindergarten they became buddy's through commonalities like potty humor and drawing.
Now they are both grown up with respective art careers of their own. Sam even personalized the envelope and autographed the book. Thanks, Sam!
Myself, I didn't go to art school. Infact, I really never had any professional aspirations in art. How I got into doing graphic arts for a living for a little over a decade was my boss (who was like a father to me) noticed me drawing during lunch and when an opening in graphics came along, let me into the graphics dept. Then unemployment in 2006 led me to re-evaluate my future when I discovered that computer related jobs pay a whole lot better & graphics once again became a personal hobby. And I am very glad!
So, aside from some great books, I am a self-taught artist.

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