Saturday, January 28, 2012

Line drawing practise

These are some line drawings I did for fun.
In Smithee news, I'm still drawing away panels for Smithee#2. My buddy Garvin Lee is moving this weekend, so  I didn't designate the usual most of the day to draw comics. But he has distractions to take care of and while I wait for when he is ready to actually MOVE, I am killing time by doing some posting.  He lent a crucial hand to me when I moved to this place a couple years ago. I moved out of my old place because it was getting really ghetto, and I had been thru a Dave Ramsey financial peace university course at church an one night I decided I HAD to do something about my life to move forward. Moving to a cheaper place was the goal I arrived at. I got a cheaper place, but old bad habits die hard and I didn't put the extra money away.
I had an unbelievable amount to stuff to move. I was quite embarrassed by how much I had since I had folks helping. Garvin was a hero and helped me thru that ordeal. So, now it is my turn to help him.

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