Saturday, March 24, 2012

Home Brew Medicine

Welcome to page 5. Billy get's his wounds cleaned with home-brew alcohol. I re-drew Billy in panel 2. I like how haggered he came out looking.
I have switched ISP providers and now have regular service back - yippie! It is good to post from the comfort of my own home again, let me tell ya!
Incase you didn't notice, I have a new page of survival links reachable under the banner.Today I'm adding the CDC's info about zombie outbreaks I thought you all might be amused by. That's right folks, the CDC jumped on the Zombie bandwagon to utilize the metaphor of Zombies to teach the public about emergency preparedness, like I'm trying to do.
I've been learning about lettering and word balloons and had fun with them in this page. Thanks for reading!

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