Saturday, March 31, 2012

Crying Ware-wolf!

Billy unfolds his tale of his life and death struggle with a big - hairy -  foul breathed beast that nearly got the best of him while whinning about his role as hunter (which he not-so-secretly enjoys). I think my word ballons are getting better, and I like the wild-eyed look in Billy's eyes. He's kind of a little off since he escaped the ware-wolf and Smithee isn't sure what to make of it yet. Smithee is has an underlying suspicion of everything. I think it comes with not being able to remember his former identity.
This weekend I plan on spiffing up this Smithee tome to be posted on a comic collective website. I don't want to look like too much of a dork beside the more polished (and colored) comics. When you do B&W, you have to work a little harder since everyone is used to colored comics. The cover for this book isn't like a standard comic, it's geared more towards being a zine. I'm thinking of reworking it to be more comic bookish. And I definitely want to redo word balloons before sending it out to it's new venue.  I'll let you know when it's on the new site.

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