Monday, July 18, 2011

Feeding on The Word

I was in a pen & ink mood today and drew this for fun. My desk at work. I have a pocket bible by the monitor. Hence the title.
A good cross hatch piece of art has a feel to it unlike any other. But I am finding a good drawing it more challenging than I thought. It takes thought and precision. Those two words generally don't describe me. I'm more random and global in my thoughts.
Comics are interesting and all, by my deeper appreciations is for fine art. Illustrative art. Comics are more interesting in their story telling ability. But artistically, illustrative art appeals to me more.
Didn't post over the weekend. I dusted off a solar panel I've had in storage and put it up again. It took alot of work. And it led to some melancholy remembrances of people that didn't work out.
You can have a relationship to a friend, and it might consume you and make you miserable, but when they are gone, man, there is a HUGE hole in the heart!
These are the things I turn to - to stay sane and get perspective, loose myself in art, and the Word of God.

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