Sunday, July 3, 2011

Lifeguard & Ben Day

Here is this morning's practice sketch done in pencil.

Progress with Ka-zar:
In my quest for the perfect dots for my ka-zar challenge, I happened upon a little history about those little dots that fascinate me.
"Ben Day also ben·day or Ben·day (b n-d ). n. A method of adding a tone to a printed image by imposing a transparent sheet of dots or other patterns on the ..."
Invented in 1879 by Ben Day for introduction of shading effects in line drawing and reproduction therefrom."
Currently, I am focusing on a grid of straight sewing pins through a plastic latch hook "canvas". One of the challenges is the pins aren't precisely all the same length. And the latch hook canvas is half the resolution I want (25 dpi).
According to the information I unearthed, comics back in the day had a very limited pallete which used only 25, 50 & 75 dot screens. So that is what I am limiting myself to.

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