Thursday, July 21, 2011

Pure Zombie Hunter

OK. So here is the deal. I want attention!
Here I am out there hunting zombies all daylong, I have this blog, and all I put up is my doodles. You read the blog title and think zombie hunting comic. So where are the comics already?
Let's be honest, I have a real tough time drawing from imagination. So did Norman Rockwell. But, if I am realistic and patient with myself, maybe I can improve. So, Ill give it a shot and see if I can draw anything comprehensible. I do far better drawing from life. Cartooning might look simple, but it tougher than you think! Simplicity can be one of the greatest expressions of real skill.
My journey thru art has been rough. I don't know what is realistic to expect of myself. I had a mother who could draw PERFECT characters from imagination, and still thought she had no talent at all. It's humbling to have to work at it so hard when it was effortless for her. But it is also a journey thru myself as it reveals what I'm made of, my limitations and insecurities.
It is tough finding my own voice. My own place. And figuring out if my work means anything. I figure if anything I'll have a nice 'body of work' to leave my family who doesn't talk to me. It sure would be nice to find people in the here and now who get something from what I do.
I tried sharing my talent today when I got a baby shower card to sign for someone. I took a chance and did a cartoon baby saying "mom. enjoy your baby shower!" I don't think God gave me my talents to keep all to myself and not share with others. So, why not? Though it makes me squirm to think how it makes me stand out from the other folks who signed with the regular trite greeting card lines.

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