Thursday, July 14, 2011

Pink Pearl and Pepper

Nothing like a cold glass or Dr. Pepper
with my trusty Pink Pearl for drawing it.
I read an excellent blog article about a student of Howard Pyle named Elizabeth Keeler Gurney.
It reminded me of some fundamental stuff about art that I have forgotten. The sheer intimacy that happens with the artist and the subject of their art. My best drawings come from really getting to know the thing I draw. Be it a mug of pop, a shirt laying over a chair, or face. To truely capture the thing, you have to know the thing, make it a part of you. and if you do, when later you view the art, that piece of it in your heart recalls the thing intensely.
The best quote from the article is this "The artist may have spent weeks upon the painting, yet it has little interest. We turn away, saying, ‘Very clever, but in heaven’s name why did he paint it?’”

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