Sunday, January 1, 2012

Smithee number two updates

I was at a thrift store yesterday and happened upon a book called "pride and prejudice and zombies". In it were some very nice old style pen and ink illustrations. I have been trying to decide upon the exact style to do my Smithee #2 in. I think I would like to go for the pen and ink style. I did the above picture in that style to get used to it. Are we badass zombie hunters or what?! Doing it in B&W style like this would also make it possible to get them printed thru KaBlam cheaper than if they were color - should I want to go that extreme route. For right now I still want to print them myself. But I questimate there will be around 50 cells or more to cram into a book. That's alot more than Smithee #1.
I went back and bought that book for inspiration.

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