Sunday, January 15, 2012

Pencil Warrior from the past

This is a pencil drawing I did way back in the 80's. The past has been on my mind. Doing diary comics has cracked open the door to what was. I'm realizing my weird past makes for some great story material. But I am not fond of looking at the past. So much of it brings up alot of emotion. Way back in the 80's I briefly ran my own T-shirt printing business, knowing nothing at all about silk-screening. I began by using stencils cut out from plastic and a piece of sheer curtain material over it. Eventually I moved to screens painted by hand using projections of images from magazines about .25" tall. It was a short-lived en devour, not netting much money, but it was fun to pursue a dream. I eventually wanted to print this design, but stopped doing it before I got that far. Back then, art wasn't a very big part of my life, not like it is now.
Along these lines, I have started a story arc in Plutonium about how I ended up being a computer jockey.
I also started an account with Comicsdomination in order to post plutoniums.

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