Sunday, January 8, 2012

Smithee number two updates

Here is one of the cells I did with my digital pen directly in the computer. However, my elbow was starting to complain, and now I'm drawing them directly on paper while capturing in on the device to upload. It is turning out to be faster that way, and more fluid. I can do 2-3 cells a day. I might have a roughly 110 cells to do total. So speed and efficiency are supreme.I have 12 cells done so far. Because of the huge amount of work ahead of me, I'm pretty sure I'll stick to B&W.
This cell is about where I'm going into the 'Cold Room' where Billy is sneaking another one of my home-made sodas. In the 'Cold Room' is a chain-link cage we made to keep food safe incase of attack, or have a refuge for ourselves in that event. It is A 'Cold Room' in that is isn't heated, and is vented to the cold air outside for refrigeration purposes.

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