Sunday, July 29, 2012

Into The night update

OK, I' still working on the print version of the Ware-Wolf story. In the Meantime, I'm trying out new drawing techniques. I did this one in pen and Ink, and reversed it for an even cooler look.
Being Smithee, I love learning about new and interesting survival stuff. This week I learned about
It is a white powder that is actually microscopic marine fossils. My dog is having what could be worm related symptoms, and I wanted a non-pesticide solution that wouldn't hurt my dog if I'm wrong. So I came upon this stuff. It is also supposed to kill bugs, another thing I'm testing out. I got some yesterday and me and the dog are guinea pigs. Yes, I took some too. For humans, it is supposed to be de-detoxifying. I took a tablespoon in a smoothie before bed. I woke up with a dry throat, but that went away. Also, a slightly sick overall body feeling, which was also temporary. If you read the link above it talks about the body reacting to the detoxification effects. I think is what it was. Today I took some and I feel fine. I can tell you it also make nice solid stools.Ewww! Hey - you asked!
I have read it is also used in water filters because of it's highly porous nature and ability to absorb bacteria and pollutants.
The only precautions I read of is don't breath the dust and don't let it sit on your skin too long since also has the ability to absorb moisture. I have laid some down for the bugs, and I am starting to see dead bugs near by.They say it takes 24-72 hours for it to totally do it's number on bugs. I also hear legends of the stuff being something snakes won't cross over, and they guy at the hardware store said he put some in his garden, and hasn't had bugs since. Please note there are different grades of the stuff. NEVER use the common hardware store variety for consumption. It's cooked and has become bad for you. Plus, there are other varietys you'll find at the hardware store that contain 28% OTHER ingrediants. Nope, I wouldn't use that either! The real deal is 100% DE. and is safe for human and animal consumption.
Oh, by the way I unintentionally repeated this post on Plutonium. I quess readers of both blogs will get informed, eh?

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