Sunday, July 1, 2012

That Special Ingrediant!

Well, Billy goes ballistic. Being an ex-mercenary, you just don't lock those kind of people in a cage and expect them to be quiet about it! But Smithee has a plan. A Special Ingredient in his Home-Brew soda. Smithee is quiet, but he does what has to be done.
This very well be the concluding panel in Issue #1 of the ware-wolf story. I am going to think about it.
Now I gotta focus on getting Issue #1 to print. I tell ya what, a year ago I woulda never thought I would be dealing with comic convention deadlines, or ever dream of tabling at a comic convention. There is one principle I am beginning to see in doing comics, and that is persistence. Not giving up even though your not as good as you want to be. Just having the guts to put yourself out there in itself more of an accomplishment than you would think.
On a personal note, got a toothache, darn it! I hate going to doctors.

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