Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Meeting some very cool comic artists etc.

I didn't even know it, but my comic guru buddy calls me up and tells me there is a bunch of comic artists and writers at the comic store - do I want to go? So, I grabbed my sketch book that doubles as an autograph book and went. I'm glad I did. Now I and pretty new to the comic book scene and don't follow it as much as my buddy does, so these were all new names to me. And unlike most comic signings, it wasn't crowded, so I had an chance to have A conversation with them. The first person was Michael Stewart. He is about to self publish his own comic.He has some mindblowing full size pencils of his new characters to show off. He is one heck of a penciler. I told him he makes is easy on the inkers since all the detail is there! He was very nice and did a sketch of a lady in my book, even inking it. It as fascinating to watch it go from pencil to ink. He was more than willing to talk art, and even dared to look at my really beginner art in my sketch book. My sketch book is very personal and where I experiment and do my not the greatest stuff. It's kinda like having someone look in your underwear drawer. I wouldn't call my sketch book my portfolio by any means. But I am flattered they were interested.  
The next artist I talked to was Andy Bohn. He has put out a couple self published books and was happy to share the ins and outs of the print service he used. He was very cool to talk to. He has a Manga/Anime blended style of art. I didn't have the money for one of his nicer comics, so I borrowed some money from my buddy and got the Zine he had. Since I have a Zine too, I thought might be more meaningfull. He did a sweet manga type character in my sketch book. Very nice. I also helped out his grandparents by taking pictures of them using their camera. They seemed like a easy to get along with family. I was feeling unusually personable tonight and probably made some of them uncomfortable offering to use their cameras to take pics for them.I think it not being crowded help me relax.
Anyway, thanks Andy And Michael. I am always eager to connect with fellow artists, even those way ahead of me! I gave them my contact information and thought I would give them a shout out thru this blog.

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