Sunday, November 27, 2011

Smithee number two mitten selling warewolf preview

Here are the VERY rough story outline sketches for Smithee Zombie Hunter #2 about a mitten selling ware-wolf. It's like a preview of my progress. I wrote out a script to work out the plot and what happens. Now I draw out quickie sketches for pacing, expressions and poses in pencil. If you can't read my handwriting - the way this goes is I finish a mitten and toss it into the cage I had Billy stay in overnight while I discerned if he was going to go wolf or not. He doesn't think it's funny and when I begin to close it, he points a gun at me and tells me he will kill me if I ever do that again! Then Smithee says "see if I ever knit for you again! Or kill blood thirsty , longhaired, bad smelling, mitten selling warewolf things while keeping you caged up so you don't turn warewolf during the full moon when warewolves power up and kill their room-mates!". I'll probably edit that line down in the final. Enjoy

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