Wednesday, November 2, 2011


I am someone easily distracted. Such was last week. They had the movie dogtown on TV that I watched, then I had to dig up the documentary. That got me to searching for the perfect skateboarder picture to etch. etc. etc.
Never did find that perfect image. Perfectionism and art tend to be enemies sometimes.
But, I'm going back towards drawing again, making a comic character I can use that I like. Sometimes I can draw something I like, sometimes alot of nothing I like. But alot of nothing is necessary before alot of something is possible.
I read some people's opinions on doing webcomics and such, they make the good point there is alot of really bad webcomics out there, and they advise waiting till you can actually do it decently. Could be discouraging.
So I've been asking myself what I really want to do and find that difficult balance between too difficult and too awfull. I read about a guy who has been doing  webcomics over 10 years and is just NOW being recognized.
And he posts his REALLY early works that are barely better than a kids drawing. But I don't think he cared what anyone thought, and he knew he was just experimenting. and you can see him get better and better and develop repeatable characters. Now he does it for a living!
Anyway, I'm still here and still moving forward.
Is anybody out there???????

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