Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Zee Bug

This is an etching I did recently I particularly liked. I did from a new perspective I read about, and that is to not do art out of ambition, itleast not in the final stage.
"Focus on the enjoyment of the act, and try to see your ambitions as something that interrupts your pleasure (of doing the art) in the present". So when I did this, I wasn't concerned with the result, just enjoying the process, and that freed me to relax and explore. I didn't originally plan on the blue, but I looked at it a couple days later and just thought it needed it. And you know what? This is one of my favorite etchings now. Letting myself go from the restrictions of ambition let me try stuff I wouldn't have otherwise.
Oh, this was a car at an informal father's day car show at church.

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