Saturday, November 26, 2011

Now I'm A Deviant!

That's right. After realizing Andy Bohn and Michael Stewart and other established artists are on Deviant art, I thought it might be nice to join so I can connect with other artists. Here is my address:
There are some Terrific artists there, let me tell ya! I've gotten some positive feedback on my stuff. and I made a home for Plutonium Casserole there and been accepted by the autobio comics group. I still plan on doing plutonium weekly, so the Deviant site has a few to be posted to catch it up to date. Gives me more time to take way to much time on new ones.
I'm still figuring out what goes where. Maybe make this more personal blog and Deviant more final product.
Not an easy holiday weekend for me. It brings out all that sadness and gloom stored inside along with a mighty dose of self pity. Most of my family has died and those that are still around I am not in contact with. But this year my sadness was more about a friend of 15 years I had to part ways with awhile back. I had finally gotten healthy enough to take care of myself and decide the friendship wasn't good for either of us and said goodbye. But still, I miss him alot. He kinda got me out in the world doing things I wouldn't otherwise.

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